Brian Heveron-Smith

Musician, Comedian.

“…musically speaking, he is a miracle worker.”

- Cincinnati Enquirer

Here are some videos I made with friends:

I wrote this “bop” with Chris Fleming! Here it is performed by me, Fleming, and LaQuandra Seymore.

Episode 5 of my web series Gearheadz! This one features myself and a riveting performance from Fred Strype as Sick Livin.


A little promo vid for my album, and yes this all is true.

Music video for a Beef Hutchins song written by me and Chris Fleming. Essential viewing for any soft-rock heads.

Episode 1 of my web series Gearheadz, featuring the brilliant Melissa Strype as Chip Stockton.

A Linkin Park song written by me and Chris Fleming, originally for episode 39 of Gayle.

A promo for my album, inspired by A Star is Born. Starring hilarious Meaghan Strickland.

Short but powerful song from my album The Great Heveron.

An episode of Chris Fleming’s web series Gayle featuring me as B-boy Dennis. Also features a bunch of my music.

Another song from my album The Great Heveron. Video features Meaghan Strickland as my horrified life partner.

Music video for the track “RapFrancaise Un,” from my album The Great Heveron.

Hip-hop expert Chris Rosenblatt tells a deep-cut story about Dr Dre & Eminem. Very informative yet also fun - def watch if you like learning about the history of rap music.

Looking for skate tutorial and apparel companies to sponsor me!!!!! Hit me up!!!! Visuals by Tom Lowery & Sean Lowery

More videos in the works (always). Stomp your finger on that button below if you’d like me to perform in one of your video projects or live shows.